Clean Up The World 2013 - Israel


Join us on September 9!
KKL-JNF invites you to take part in International Clean Up Day 2013.
Think globally; act locally.

Clean Up Day in Israel is made possible thanks to the support of 

For more information and to register as an individual or a group, contact Kav LaYaar, KKL-JNF's information center:
Israel: 1-800-350-550

Taking Care of Israel's Open and Public Spaces:

Clean Up Day in Rahat, Israel. Photo: Natalie Kadosh

Every year, millions of people around the world go out to clean up their surroundings on Clean Up the World Day. In Israel, Clean Up Day is led by KKL-JNF in forests, open spaces and communities. Thousands of Israelis from all sectors of society join in the clean-up efforts.

About 200,000 volunteers are expected to take part in Clean Up Day in Israel this year, with the cooperation of regional and local councils, government bodies, and schools.

Educational activities will be held all over Israel, from the Negev to the Galilee, for all of Israel's population sectors: Jewish, Arab, Christian, Beduin, and Druze. The day will include integrational activities for Jewish and Arab schoolchildren, and integrational activities for people with physical and/or mental disabilities (in cooperation with the NGO "Access Israel").

For the first time, absorption centers for newly arrived immigrants from Ethiopia will also take part in the day's activities, a program made possible thanks to the support of JNF USA.

All Clean Up Day volunteers will receive environmentally informative preparatory instruction, free transportation to and from clean up sites,  a special cap, T-shirt and gloves, and garbage bags in 3 colors for the different types of refuse - organic, paper, and plastic.

The 10 Commandments for an Ecological Vacation

Planning a trip to the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)? Setting out with the family for a barbeque on Mount Carmel? The Cleanup Patrol – It all Starts with Education, produced by Tomer Eshel, offers you a guide that will help you go out into nature and come back spotlessly clean!

About Clean Up the World Day

Cleanup Day is a worldwide project of the Clean Up the World organization, which was founded in Australia in 1993. It was adopted by the United Nations, and is now the largest environmental conservation organization in the world.

International Clean Up Day in Israel 2012

Despite being a mere few days before Jewish New Year celebrations, Clean Up Day in Israel was a hive of activity, with 189,000 participants from 153 districts all around the country enthusiastically pitching in to keep Israel clean.

International Clean Up Day in Israel 2011

Two hundred and four regional councils all over Israel and 260,000 volunteers participated in the 11th International Cleanup Day activities in Israel, led by KKL JNF, on November 1. The volunteers joined forty million people in 120 other countries, who went out to clean their countries and raise consciousness about protecting the environment.

International Clean Up Day in Israel 2010

About 240,000 people from 170 municipalities joined 35 million people all over the world on International Clean-Up Day, which was led in Israel by KKL-JNF for the tenth consecutive year. Two thousand, six hundred tons of garbage were collected at cleaning activities organized by KKL-JNF in open spaces and forests throughout Israel.