Spotlight on New Projects

This section features the most recent, innovative projects undertaken by KKL-JNF in Israel, with the support of KKL-JNF's Friends and partners worldwide. The special projects featured here promote peaceful coexistence between Israel's many ethnic groups and its natural landscapes.

Nir Am and Nir Oz Road to the Dairy

Safe access, better milk and happier cows.

KKL-JNF staff in southern Israel are completing the building of an access route to the joint dairy established by two kibbutzim; Nir Am and Nir Oz. The kibbutzim are located in the Eshkol Regional Council next to the Gaza border. The works for developing the access route include earthworks, foundation bedding, laying down asphalt and laying down concrete water pipes.

The access route enables the kibbutz residents and workers to reach the dairy in safety, generating more income and economic opportunities for the residents living in this volatile area under the constant threat of rockets from Gaza.

Access road to dairy. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive

Happy cows. Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive

Two kibbutzim, Nir Am and Nir Oz, both located on the border with Gaza, have decided to establish a joint dairy with some 1000 cows that will produce 5 million liters of milk annually. The Ministry of Environmental Protection instituted a comprehensive dairy reform a number of years ago, to encourage increased efficiency and reduce pollution in what was once one of the most polluting branches in Israeli agriculture.

The decision to develop a joint dairy is in accordance with the new dairy reform that encourages large facilities that can treat their waste more efficiently. The new dairy will be built according to the latest environmental standards set by the dairy reform to ensure it will be operated in an environmentally-friendly manner. Development elements include a dairy waste treatment plant and a road leading to the dairy.

A New Source of Income for Gaza Border

Photo: KKL-JNF Photo Archive

This project supports the economy of northern Negev communities bordering on Gaza, developing a new source of income for existing residents, which at the same time can attract newcomers to the region. This project ultimately makes the dairy environmentally friendly, ensuring safety for the kibbutz residents and the surrounding Negev ecosystem.

The Northern Negev communities have been living for many years now under the threat of artillery fire and missiles from the Gaza Strip. The tense situation in the region affects the people both emotionally due to the constant stress and economically, due to limited mobility and difficulty in integrating new residents into existing communities. Nir Oz has both agriculture and an engineering firm, and is Israel’s major grower of asparagus for export. It has also been developing water-wise plants for landscaping for over 50 years now. Nir Am’s economy is based mainly on agriculture. The new dairy will provide another welcome source of income.

By supporting the development of the road for the new joint dairy you are providing the hardy people living close to Gaza with a new source of income, in an area where day to day life is unusually difficult. Your donation will ensure that the dairy works according to the most modern standards and co-exists successfully with the fragile Negev environment.

The kibbutzim of Nir Oz and Nir Am. Photos: KKL-JNF Photo Archive

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