Scarlet South (Darom Adom) Festival 2015

Walking amongst the anemones. Photo: Yossi Zamir, KKL-JNF Photo Archive

The Darom Adom (Scarlet South) Festival is produced by the Shikma Besor Tourism Association in the flowering fields of the northern Negev and takes place during the weekends of February in conjunction with KKL-JNF. The public is invited to enjoy the red carpets of anemones and get acquainted with the natural, historical and recreational sites in the area.

Darom Adom is celebrating its 10th year. Join us for 4 weekends of culture, music, popular sports and fun in nature for all ages. Enjoy wildflower walks, musical performances and varied activities for the whole family.

January 29 - 31
Culture Weekend

February 5 - 7
Nature Weekend

February 12 - 14
Family Fun Weekend

February 19 - 21
Sports Weekend
Please note:
Events will be taking place in accordance with the weather, and the flowering anemones depend on the weather, too. We recommend getting an update at the Festival website in case of unexpected changes.
Information for visitors:
There will be KKL-JNF and INPA information stations for the benefit of visitors, on Fridays and Saturdays, at the Yad Mordechai and Beit Kama junctions, which will operate from 09:00 to 15:00 in all weather conditions.
There will information stands on Saturdays, from 09:00 to 15:00, which will operate depending on weather conditions:
  • Ruhama Badlands – at the entrance to Kibbutz Ruhama
  • Reim Recreation Area (Beeri Forest) – Water Facilities Road
  • At the south entrance to the Besor Road  and the suspension bridge
  • Pura Nature Reserve
  • At the north entrance to the Besor Road
Leaflets will be distributed at the information stations and stands, with information about festival hikes and events, a map and a booklet with hiking routes, attractions and local accommodations.
KKL-JNF Events at the Festival:
Shokeda Single Track Opening
Shokeda Community Forest
Friday, 6 February, 17 Shevat, 07:30 - 11:00 
New single cycling trail opening and ceremony in Shokeda Forest. The trail is 18 km long and technical. The ride takes about an hour. Suitable for expert cyclers.

Single cycling trail:
07:30-08:30 – Arrival in the Shokeda Community Forest for preparations and refreshments. Start guided bicycle ride on a challenging, 18 km single track for expert cyclers. Please be equipped with a suitable bicycle, and gear for personal protection. Cyclers bear sole responsibility for their personal safety.

Family trail:
Guided bicycle ride with the Rochvei Darom Bicycling Club, with bicycles provided for you by registering in advance at the KKL-JNF Forest Hotline, 1-800-350-550, for NIS 10. Number of participants is limited.

Driving from Kibbutz Urim towards Kibbutz Beeri, turn right at the stop sign at Havat Nir Am. Continue on the paved road for about 1 km to the community forest parking lot on the left.

10:00 – Cycling trail opening ceremony, to be attended by the Mayor of the Sedot Negev Regional Council, Mr. Tamir Idan, and KKL-JNF Southern Region Director, Mr. Ami Uliel.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the public is invited to Shuk Shokeda, a country fair among the wildflowers, right next to Shokeda Forest.
Anemone Walk in Memory of Shoshana Damari
Ruhama Badlands
Saturday, 14 February, 25 Shevat, 08:30 – 15:00

A walk for the whole family on the lush green hills covered with wildflowers in the Ruhama Badlands Nature Reserve, the theme of which is the importance of open spaces and biospheric parkland in the Nahal Shikma region. Park your car at Sapir College, where there will be shuttle service all day long, to the starting point of the route, and back from the end of the route.

The walk starts at the Rishonim site in Kibbutz Ruhama, where there will be a choice of three routes:
Short route (2.5 km)
Medium route (5.5 km)
Medium route at 11:00 and short route at 12:00 noon

There will be stations all along the routes with information and activities for families, with KKL-JNF guides, performers, miniature golf, environmental activities and more… There will be a colorful happening for all ages at the conclusion of the walk and a fair with artisans and food stands.

Tickets: NIS 30 per person (over age 3) ordered in advance at the website:
Ordered tickets must be picked up by 09:30 on Saturday, 14 February.
Tickets on the day of the event will cost NIS 40 (cash only).
Tickets include the walk, the happening, a certificate and a medal.
The walk may be started until 12:30.
The routes are suitable for walkers age 3 and are not suitable for strollers.
Baby carriers are recommended.
The walk has been coordinated with security and medical officials.
There will be stops along the way with water and bathrooms.
Picnics are permitted at the Rishonim site.

Parking available only at Sapir College, where there will be shuttle service all day long to the starting point of the walk (at the Rishonim site in Kibbutz Ruhama).
Cinema KKL-JNF - Films from the Blue Box
Negev Beerot Center, Kibbutz Alumim
Friday, 20 February, 1 Adar, 10:00 

This year we are again screening Films from the Blue Box, this time featuring the film Shivat Tziyon 1920-21, the third film of Yaakov Ben Dov and the first film acquired and distributed by KKL-JNF to Jewish communities all over the world. 

The film, which was thought to be lost, like most of Ben Dov’s films, surfaced in Prague, in 1989, and in the 1990s a copy of it was made and given to the Israel Film Archive at the Jerusalem Cinematheque. The copy was scanned this year (2015) to produce a new digital version.

In the film, there are moments of the story of the incarceration in Acco of Zeev Jabotinsky and his friends; the story of the first year of the first High Commissioner in Israel, Sir Herbert Samuel, from the day he landed in Yafo and the receptions he attended in Jerusalem; the pioneers in Israel who worked in agriculture and in rural and urban areas, including rare photos of Tel Aviv.

Chaim Weizmann wrote to Ben Dov, “You have succeeded in presenting the creative spirit of the working people.” Boris Schatz, the founder of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, said, “Carry on in this way, and you will give future generations a living image of the time of building…”

The film was screened at the Zionist Congress in Carlsbad in 1921, and among the Zionists in the audience who praised it was Franz Kafka. As a result of its success, KKL-JNF purchased the film for the sake of promoting Zionism. 

Production of the new version was made possible with assistance from the Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts and the KKL-JNF Photo Archive.

Presenter: Yaakov Gross.

Advance registration is required.
Number of participants is limited.
Free Wildflower Walks
Free Tours Guided by KKL-JNF
Fridays, 10:00 & 12:00
Saturdays, 10:00, 12:00 & 14:00

On Fridays at 10:00 and 12:00, and on Saturdays at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00, there will be free tours starting from the information center. For more information, call the KKL-JNF Forest Hotline at 1-800-350-550.
Tours will include short walks, are suitable for all ages, and will be led by KKL-JNF guides.
  • Shokeda Forest – hike on foot to the flowering fields (every Friday).
  • Beeri Forest– Reim Recreation Area (every Saturday) – featuring the Water Installations Road and the story of the pioneers in the area before the establishment of the State of Israel. Hike the Water Installations Road in Beeri Forest on foot. Duration 1.5 hours.
  • Ruhama Badlands – starting from the information station next to the entrance to Kibbutz Ruhama (every Friday and Saturday). The early days of Ruhama in the early twentieth century. The tour to the Jamama Well and the Byzantine church mosaic, through flowering fields, includes driving and walking (except for February 14).
Lahav Forest Single Track Cycling Tour
Every Saturday at 10:00

Starts from the entrance to the Joe Alon Museum, Lahav Forest.
Guided single track cycling—bring your own bike.

The Lahav Forest single track cycling route, located in the Judean Lowland, offers bicyclers a loop route (marked in blue in the field and on the map) that passes through natural woodlands, planted forests, historical and botanical sites, and archeological remains.

The single track is 13.4 km long, medium level of difficulty, altitude 483 m, total elevation 205 m. This circular route is the first of a network planned for tens of kilometers in the forest.

The route begins by the recreation area across from the Joe Alon Museum, proceeds to the Ziklag Well, the Abu Hof antiquities and the fire watchtower.

All along the route there are rest stops in recreation areas where you may replenish your water supply.
We recommend making prior contact with the guide: 050-8843444
Guided Bicycle Tour in the Ruhama Badlands
Every Saturday at 10:00

Starts at the information station next to the gate of Kibbutz Ruhama.
Guided cycling tour on a comfortable single track through fields covered with carpets of flowers and open landscapes. Difficulty level can be adjusted to suit the group. Suitable for families. Duration 2 hours, 8 – 17 km. Bring your own bicycle.
We recommend making prior contact with the guide: 050-8843444


For more information on all events, contact the KKL-JNF Forest Hotline (Israel only): 1-800-350-550